BDPA New Jersey

A premier networking organization for minorities and I.T. professionals


BDPA New Jersey Chapter Executive Board

ChairPerson of the Client Advisory Board-Goldie K. Bonney

Chief Executive Officer/ President-Coram J. Rimes, Jr.

Chief Operating Officer-Nekeisha Rouse

Chief Financial Officer-Coram J. Rimes, Jr.

Chief Sales Officer-Ted Gill

Chief Marketing Officer-Vacant

Executive Vice President of Program Development & Training-Wesley Wilbourn

Special Advisor of Youth Programs-Kyle Rivers

General Counsel-Vacant

BDPA New Jersey Chapter Events Board Volunteers

  • FIT Annual Event: Jonathan F. Lee
  • Scholarship Dinner Event: OPEN
  • Webinar/Seminar Speakers: OPEN
  • Program Meeting Partners: OPEN
  • Job Fair Partners:  OPEN


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