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Board Elections

Professional Development Opportunities – BDPA New Jersey Chapter

All of the positions, with the exception of VP of Finance and President, are appointed positions Below are descriptions of the various positions held by our current Board of Directors:

President: This role is an elected position and involves making decisions on behalf of our chapter as well as running monthly Board meeting with the NJBOD. The President also has the liberty to select and appoint people to the various appointed positions on the Board. It is a 2 year commitment. Time commitment 15-20 hours per month. 

VP of Finance; Handles all financial aspects for the BDPA New Jersey Chapter. This role ensures that all BDPA financial rules and guidelines are enforced. The VP of Finance provides monthly and periodic reporting of our financial activities to the chapter BOD. This position is a 2 year commitment. Time commitment 15-20 hours per month. 

VP of Strategy/Planning; Handles the development of the revolving two-year metrics for the chapter as well as facilitating strategic planning process. This role also develops and executes our Annual Awards & Recognition banquet. Time commitment per month 12-15 hours.

VP of Membership Mgmt; Focuses on growing the size and depth of our New Jersey chapter. This role is responsible for recruitment, retention, and contact management activities for all members. The VP of MM plans and executes 2 membership drives per year. This position works closely with the VP of MS. Time commitment 12-15 hours per month.

VP of Member Services; Works to ensure our members have the services they require in order to feel value from their membership. In addition the VP of MS plans, coordinates, and conducts training and professional development programs for our members. These programs include but are not limited to our monthly program meetings, seminars, and general chapter meetings. Time commitment per month 12-15 hours per month.

HSCC Coordinator; Assists in coordination of efforts for the HSCC program. Identify possible students to participate in the program as well as instructors. Ensures all HSCC related paperwork/materials are submitted for any regional and national competition by the necessary deadlines. Liaison b/w students’ parents and chapter. Faciliate any necessary meetings for the program. Serve as spokesperson for the HSCC program. Time commitment 8-12 hours per month.

Corporate Advisory Council Director; Facilitates our corporate advisory council meetings and is responsible for working with the rest of the NJBOD and the Director of Sponsorship to increase chapter corporate sponsorship. Time commitment 8-12 hours per month.

In addition to these positions, we are also looking to incorporate the following support roles as well:

VP of Marketing; Handles all marketing distributed to our membership. This role will also work with our BOD to ensure that our events and chapter presence is known in our surrounding communities. Time commitment 8-12 hours per month.

Director of Communications; Handles all communication distributed to our membership. The DOC will also put together chapter press releases as well as be the primary contact for organizations looking to include BDPA New Jersey on an event listing or requesting specific chapter information. This role will also work with BOD to ensure that our events and chapter presence is known in our surrounding communities. Time commitment 8-12 hours per month.

Director of Sponsorship; Maintains all sponsorship documentation. Instrumental in assisting the BOD with soliciting sponsors and drafting necessary presentations. This role acts as the liaison between the NJBOD and potential sponsors (i.e. corporate, partnerships with other organizations, etc.). Time commitment 8-12 hours per month.

Website Coordinator; Liaison between our chapter website developer and the NJBOD. Coordinates timely updates on both our chapter website and other social networking sites. Also initiates updates on websites (i.e. calendars, informational pages) whenever necessary. Time commitment 8-12 hours per month.

S.I.T.E.S Director; Responsible for the recruitment of students for our SITES initiatives (HSCC/YTC/IT Showcase). Liaison b/w the chapter and corporate sponsors, universities, other school programs in regards to our students. Identify student programs that may be beneficial for our NJ students. Research scholarship and grant information available. Assist in finding instructors/mentors for the students. Provide input to the President on how to improve our SITES program moving forward. Be the voice of our SITES program and assist in the promotion and communication of it. Time commitment 8-12 hours per month.


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